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Efergy Monitors

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Efergy Monitors Part#'s
EF003 - Efergy Elite Classic - Home Monitoring System
EF009 - Efergy 100A Current Sensor - Compact Split Core 200A Current Sensor
EF012 - Efergy 200A Current Sensor - XL Split Core 200A Current Sensor
EFH01 - Efergy Hub - Online Accessory Kit

The Efergy Elite Classic wirelessly sends information on energy usage to the display monitor. Simple and easy to install, the monitor updates every 6 seconds to accurately track where energy is being used.

No need to add a separate meter base to monitor multiple suites in your home!

Sold separately but also available in the Efergy line:

EF009 - 100A Current Sensor
EF012 - 200A Current Sensor
EFH01 - Hub Online Accessory Kit

  • Compact, portable display can be placed anywhere in the home
  • Displays daily average
  • View your real time energy consumption
  • View historical data on energy usage (cost, CO2 and kWh)
  • Audio alert if you exceed your set maximum consumption target
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