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Non-Metalic Cable Support System

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Non-Metalic Cable Support System Part#'s
8' Cable Support Duct - SSCV68
10' Cable Support Duct - SSCV610
Cover Clip - SSCC6
Single Cable Support Bracket - SSCS6
Dual Cable Support Bracket - SSCS06
Cable Support End Cap - SSEC6
Retro-Fit Single Cable Support Bracket - SSRCS6

The non-metalic cable support system from Rack-A-Tiers allows you to install wire across a ceiling and lay it inside this ducting instead of drilling holes in your joists.

Our cable support system is light, inexpensive, and leaves a clean looking ceiling after the job is done!

  • 100% UL approved!
  • Quick and easy installation
  • No structural damage from drilling holes in joists
  • No gluing needed
  • Easy to add cables
  • Great for new construction
  • Add circuits when needed
  • Perfect for remodelling
  • No more expensive drill bits!
  • Reduce home run length by up to 30%
Mfg Note

Use our cable support system for basement or crawl space installations.

The cable support system can only be used in single dwelling homes.

Product Available in USA Only
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