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Hoppy Bender

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Hoppy Bender Part#'s
1/2" Hoppy Bender - 57050
3/4" Hoppy Bender - 57075
Replacement Handle - 57002
Replacement Thumb Screw - 57005
1/2" Replacement Label - 57050Lab
1/2" Replacement Swing-Stop - 57057
3/4" Replacement Label - 57075Lab
3/4" Replacement Swing-Stop - 57077

The Hoppy Bender is hands down the most innovative and smartest bender on the market.

We have revolutionized the way electricians bend pipe -- it has never been easier or faster than it is now with the Hoppy Bender.

  • A "Stop" attached to the Bender head used to create exact and repeatable bends every time.
  • Simplified "Multipliers" engraved into the bender for placing the "Stop" prior to making offsets and four-point saddles.
  • Special 22.5 and 45 degree marks engraved into the bender for placement of conduit bend marks as well as standard degree marks for stop placement, used together for bending three-point saddles without reversing the conduit in the shoe.
  • Handy reference charts attached to the handle for locating bend marks.
Mfg Note

Even the most complicated bends are made As Easy As 1,2,3.

Offsets, 3 & 4 point saddles, 90° bends always perfect and done in a fraction of the time!

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3 Customer Reviews for Hoppy Bender

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2013-09-01 21:29:58

Happy with my Hoppy Benders!!

Truly a time saving innovation. Hoppy bender helped me make many professional installations in a short amount of time.

from Indianapolis, US
2013-09-05 16:30:08

Perfect every time

Great way to make those perfect bends repeatedly! Makes running conduit racks a cinch!

from Marion, US
2016-05-14 12:58:01

Industrial Inside Wireman

I have a 1/2 and 3/4. These are great. After a couple of uses to get the hang of it you can whip out matching bends in no time at all. Making most of your bends standing up is a big plus .

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