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Pipe Viper

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Pipe Viper Part#'s
1/2" PVC Spring Bender - 58050
3/4" PVC Spring Bender - 58075
1" PVC Spring Bender - 58100
1 1/4" PVC Spring Bender - 58125
1 1/2" PVC Spring Bender - 58150
2" PVC Spring Bender - 58200
2 1/2" PVC Spring Bender - 58250
3" PVC Spring Bender - 58300
3 1/2" PVC Spring Bender - 58350
4" PVC Spring Bender - 58400

You can COLD bend rigid PVC pipe without your pipe collapsing or fracturing.

Faster and easier than cutting and gluing factory fittings. NO HEAT REQUIRED!

  • Good for Schedule 40 PVC not 80
  • Bends PVC pipe across your knee
  • No heat guns
  • No heat blankets
  • Fewer PVC fittings
Mfg Note

Just insert the spring into the pipe and bend across your knee.

Note: Pipe should be 50 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer. PVC pipe requires slight over bending which will "pop back" a few degrees upon the release of bending pressure.

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5 Customer Reviews for Pipe Viper

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from Daly City, US
2013-05-24 19:42:06


very nice product, works perfect when you have no heat gun. fast, precise and no mistakes when you do it slow enough. takes a while to get used to how it works. the key is to bend the piping about 3 to 5 degrees more than you need and it snaps back to perfect position.

from Hastings, US
2013-08-10 12:40:48

Pipe Viper

very useful if you run out of manufactured fittings, or have to make a funky bend.

from Port Coquitlam, CA
2013-09-28 14:32:46

Pipe viper

Good product

from Longview, US
2013-09-28 15:38:07


Great tool to have at your side, most guys doing installs know it only needs to be precise where it pops up with pvc. Not too great for exposed work but way faster and more convenient than hot box, blanket or torch.

from Hillsborough, US
2016-11-26 12:46:43

Pipe Viper

Fast and simple what a great product

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