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Laserline Kit

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Laserline Kit Part#'s
Laserline Kit - 83000
Replacement Line 2-1200ft - 83001
Dart 3 Pack - 83003

The CO2 powered gun shoots a foam dart with a line attached to it up to 200ft. Stop climbing your ladder and moving it every ten feet to pull your wire across a t-bar ceiling. Pull your wire the entire distance in one shot with the Laserline!

Tired of wiggling through a crawl space just to drag your wire to the other end? Fire the Laserline, attach your wire, then walk around and pull it across while standing. It's that easy!

  • Accurately install a pull line up to 200ft
  • Cuts labor costs and improves production
  • Ability to span over heavy and hard to move objects found in many commercial structures
  • Replacement line and darts available
Mfg Note

The Laserline Kit includes 1 gun, 2 spools of line (1200 ft each), 2 darts, and 2 CO2 cartridges.

Note that the laser does not come out of the barrel of the gun, it comes out of the black piece on top of the barrel.

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3 Customer Reviews for Laserline Kit

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from Portland, US
2013-12-05 17:31:47

Pays for itself in one job

Purchased when needed to run 500' of MC in four different runs over suspended ceiling. Would have taken 2 man crew 2-3 hours depending on delays caused by the occupied tenant space. 5 man hours at $55 = $275. I think I paid $250-$300 for the gun. 4 shots and 1 man hour later the wire was pulled. The only drawback is the size of CO2 cartridges it uses are not the same size as what a plumbing distributor would carry so I could only find them at Wal-Mart as my electrical supply company doesn't sell them.. The 2 included cartridges were gone after 6 shots, we did have the setting on full blast. I also used the dart gun to shoot a ceiling guy in the ass after he cut one of my wires. That alone was worth $300 at the time. Great product, quick payback on your investment. Only drawback is how cumbersome it is to tie the string to the dart. It is only necessary to tie as instructed when dead nuts accuracy is needed however. If tied correctly the dart goes where the laser shows!

from Ft. Worth, US
2015-08-04 10:21:40

Lead Maintenence Tech

awesome for useing on the catwalks at my job.

from Little Rock, US
2016-09-03 15:10:43

Great product. Worth the $$$

The first time I used this product it paid for itself. Allowed me to send a smaller crew to do the job. Good investment.

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