Now introducing the Elasco Cable Guards from Rack-A-Tiers

We are happy to announce that Rack-A-Tiers Mfg. is the exclusive distribution partner for Elasco Cable Protection Products serving the North American Electrical Wholesaler Channel.

Elasco cable management products offer a wide range of protection solutions to fit your needs –from simple single channel covers for power or data cable through to multi-channel coverings that can handle 4” hoses, cables or pipes, with load bearing capacities up to 60,000 lbs. per axle or 300 tons for mining equipment. The cable guards are in stock, manufactured in the USA and made from a heavy duty polyurethane.


Drop Over Collection

Elasco Drop Overs are quick and easy to install, protecting everything from small wires to large pipes. These cable management Drop Overs come with a single channel but can accommodate a multitude of pipes or wires in their protection.



Lite Guards Collection

Commonly used in vehicle or pedestrian settings, the Lite Guards Collection provides invaluable protection. While smaller in size and weight, these products are still designed for significant load bearing strength.



Ultra Guards Collection

The Ultra Guards Collection offers an extra low profile and push buttons attached to the lid to ensure extra lid closure and cable security.



Heavy Duty Collection

The Heavy Duty Collection has been protecting cables and wires for over 25 years and it is available in one, two, three and five channel cable guards. Offering extra load bearing capacity compared to the lighter duty.



Rack-A-Tiers is dedicated to pushing innovation in the electrical industry. Our tools are inspired and invented by the end-users themselves: Tools by electricians, for electricians! As a family run business, we want to supply tools that any electrician would be happy to use every day.

For more information and part numbers please visit:

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Safety and Comfort at Heights with the ShinMate

At Rack-A-Tiers, we pride ourselves on providing North America’s trade workers with the right tools and equipment to get the job done. Some of our tools focus on making the job easier to do. Others are designed to make work more efficient and effective. Sure, we offer tools that check of those boxes as well. Another concern at Rack-A-Tiers is developing and promoting products that help keep you safe and healthy on the job.

From knee pads to headlamps, we’ve got a variety of products that keep safety in mind. When it comes to working in the trades, few tasks are more dangerous than those that require ladders. Not only does working on a ladder expose you to the danger of falls, it also exposes you to other injuries. Leaning, twisting, and constantly running up and down ladders presents its own troubles. In this post, we’d like to focus on the ShinMate. It’s a simple tool, but a good one. With the ShinMate on your ladder, you’ll enjoy a more comfortable day on the job.

What’s a ShinMate?

The ShinMate might be the simplest product you’ll find at Rack-A-Tiers. The thick, foam pad can be placed on any rung of your ladder for greater comfort and improved balance. Best of all, this isn’t one of those products developed by a company simply looking for a profit. The ShinMate was designed by a tradesman, for other tradesmen. The only goal is to help tradesmen take the stress off their knees, shins, and legs.

If you’re an electrician, painter, carpenter, window washer, or any other trade worker spending hours on the ladder, you need a ShinMate! What good can a ShinMate really do?

Ladders in the Workplace are Dangerous

Height and discomfort do not make good bedfellows. When you’re working from an elevated position on a ladder, you’re exposed to potential dangers. These don’t just include falling from a lack of balance, but also as a result of discomfort while leaning or reaching. Elevated falls in the work place lead to 90,000 emergency room visits annually in the US and roughly 700 occupational deaths each year.

Deaths in the workplace as a result of heights, which often involve ladders, account for 15% of all occupational deaths. As OSHA has noted, “100% of all ladder incidents could be prevented if proper attention to equipment and climber training were provided.” The right equipment on the job can often make a big difference. This is where the ShinMate can come in handy.

It’s worth noting, the ShinMate won’t prevent all types of falls. However, the goal of the ShinMate is to make you more comfortable while you’re up on the ladder. When you’re leaning and twisting, you risk losing your balance. If your shins and knees are digging into the rungs of the ladder, that pain can result in lost focus. The minute you lose focus on the ladder, your safety is compromised.

Possible Injuries ShinMate Helps Avoid

With greater comfort up on the ladder, you can lower the risk of many serious injuries. Did you know the most common type of ladder-related injury is a fracture? Representing 32% of all injuries. The constant stress on your knees and shins from leaning can also take a toll. ShinMate can help you avoid issues such as stress fractures, compartment syndrome, and delayed onset muscle soreness.

Compartment syndrome is a condition that impacts circulation and soft tissue. The stress of leaning against bare ladder rungs can continually cutoff circulation and increase pressure on soft tissue. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) results from overuse and stress, and can leave you feeling exhausted at the end of the day. Worse, your legs will feel sore the next day as well before you even start working.

Get Your ShinMate Today!

Rack-A-Tiers has the ShinMate in stock now for purchase. Remember, this simple product helps you enjoy a more comfortable work day as you get your job done right.

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Check Circuits Easily with the Dual Check 2-in-1 Tester

There’s nothing more frustrating to the average homeowner than bad wiring. Flickering lights, hot switch plates, and circuits that constantly trip are all signs of faulty wiring in homes or businesses. In most cases, there is nothing the average individual can do to deal with these wiring issues. For electricians, diagnosing the exact issue isn’t always quick or easy either. The signs might jump out to an electrician faster, but figuring out the specific cause is necessary to fix the problem.

For faster diagnosis and testing of outlets, the Dual Check 2-in-1 Tester is a great tool. You can use this on new job sites to ensure new wiring was done right the first time. You can also use it if you’re called to a home or office to check on suspect wiring. Whether you’re an electrician or a home inspector, the Dual Check is a must-have tool.

The Tool that does it All

The Dual Check 2-in-1 Tester is a dual-ended AC non-contact voltage tester, and a GFCI circuit tester in one tool. These are vital functions for any electrician. Regardless of whether you’re installing new wiring or fixing current wire problems, you need these tools. Now, rather than carrying two separate ones around you can have both in one piece. The design may be patent pending, but the Dual Check is quickly becoming a go-to tool for electricians, inspectors, and technicians.

Dual Check 2-in-1 Testers have an AC range of 50 to 1,000 volts and a bright, 360-degree viewable LED indicator with lights. No matter how you’re holding the voltage tester, you’ll see the indicator light with ease. There’s no mistaking the results! Best of all, it’s non-contact so you aren’t at risk while you’re working. It may seem trivial, but electrical shocks do pose a threat to even the most experienced electricians.

EC Mag cites information from the last decade of the 90s that showed just how often electricians are shocked on the jobsite. At the time, electrocutions killed an average of 143 construction workers annually. From 1992 to 2003, electrical workers suffered the highest rate of electrocutions per year. According to the BLS, there were 2,726 nonfatal electrical shocks between 1992 and 2002. In this case, a non-contact voltage tester is a key tool.

But this isn’t just one tool, is it? The 2-in-1 Tester has a circuit tester that provides you with easy results. Just plug it in and a set of single LEDs provide you with an immediate indication of the problem. The Dual Check gives you a quick light that indicates the following issues:

  • Open Neutral
  • Open Ground
  • Hot/Neutral Reversed
  • Hot/Ground Reversed
  • Correct Wiring

Wiring Matters

As an electrician, wiring a new job or repairing bad wiring is a key role. You have the chance to help people avoid death and personal loss with proper wiring. The National Institutes of Health report 1,000 Americans die each year from electrical shock. Take just reverse hot and neutral wires. The Minneapolis Star Tribune notes reversed polarity is very common. It is particularly common in homes where individuals have done some DIY electrical work. The resulting reversal exposes individuals to shocks from a variety of scenarios, even changing a simple light bulb if the metal socket is exposed on the bulb.

The Dual Check 2-in-1 Tester isn’t just for electricians though. While electricians do a lot of the heavy lifting, there are others that could use this tool to help avoid electrical shock issues. Home inspectors are tasked with judging the condition of a home during a sale. One of the key factors covered is electrical wiring. Inspectors could use the 2-in-1 to quickly assess any issues. With 5 million homes sold each year, there are a lot of inspectors out there. And those inspectors are looking at the wiring in a lot of homes.

Make Life Easier

At the end of the day, doing the job right is more important than doing it quickly. The Dual Check 2-in-1 Tester can help you get work done faster, while still getting it done right!

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