This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Electrical Tools Catalog: The All-New Rack-A-Tiers Catalog

If you’re relatively new to the electrical field, or maybe you’ve been shopping with one of our competitors for a few years (don’t worry, we forgive you), you’re likely unaware of the true grace and beauty that is a Rack-A-Tiers product catalog. Far from being just a simple catalog of tool product descriptions with a pricing guide and order form, the Rack-A-Tiers catalog is what your high school teacher back in the day would have referred to as “required reading.”

For electricians at any stage of their career, the Rack-A-Tiers catalog goes beyond simple industry knowledge and product advertisement. When you’re the first one to the job on a Monday morning and you’re feeling a bit cranky because, well, it’s Monday, the Rack-A-Tiers catalog just might put a smile on your face with its artfully crafted cartoons. Yes, it really is that good! So what’s all that special about our 2016-2017 Product Catalog? Honestly, it might be easier (and faster) to tell you what isn’t!

Starts on Page One

At Rack-A-Tiers, we pride ourselves on putting a smile on your face in addition to saving you time and money on the job site. Pick up our new catalog, and right on the cover you’ll get a taste of the artwork we’re famous for. But don’t pass it by so quick! If you take a close look at our work, you’ll notice we’re using our famous cartoons to show you exactly why so many electricians rely on our products to make the job faster, easier, and safer.

From the frustrated gent trying to manage his colored wire list while installing a stove fan to his buddy living the easy life with his sticky tags in place, laddermate holding his tools, and his trusty Phase It Right color coding guide, our cartoons make you laugh and promote our products right from the get go.

What You Won’t See…

Sometimes absence adds to the value of any item. The Rack-A-Tiers catalog isn’t some electrical industry magazine peppered with ads every other page. It might be bulky at 48 pages in length, but there isn’t a hint of fluff in this catalog! Every last page has valuable information on all of our products, from pricing and uses to benefits of the product and even comparisons to similar products offered from Rack-A-Tiers.

A Product Catalog

Cartoons and entertainment aside, the Rack-A-Tiers catalog is a must-have item for any electrician. As we said above, the pages within contain valuable information on each of our products, including the popular uses, how the items can save you time and keep you safe on the job, and yes, there’s a bit of humor included in the design of each page.

Our catalog is so much more than paper bound together though, it crosses the divide into the digital world as well with the inclusion of QR codes for certain products. Whip out your smartphone and scan the QR code for a given product, and it’ll take you to a video of that tool in action. More than just reading about how those tools work and what they can do, you can see how electricians like yourself are using them to save time and stay safe.

For example, flip to page 12 of this year’s Rack-A-Tiers catalog and you can read about the easy 3-step process for using our Hoppy Bender. You’ll see three simple steps acted out for you so you can “Get Bent” in a hurry, a list of features for the Hoppy Bender, and that handy QR code so you can view the Hoppy Bender in action.

What are You Waiting For?

The 2016-2017 Rack-A-Tiers product catalog is more than just a book, it’s the ultimate resource for electricians in North America. From a good laugh and product features, to cartoon guides and online video links, you’ll never find another product catalog available in the industry that offers you everything that the Rack-A-Tiers catalog has. Don’t wait any longer, get your copy today!

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  1. Mike says:

    Thanks for the Stapleshark that I won in the Christmas draw. Looks like it will be a great addition to my pouch.

  2. Lloyd Pinketti says:

    Would like catalog

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