Slay Your Next Drilling Job with The Javelin

In the days of yore, the javelin was a light spear designed primarily for throwing at one’s opponent in battle. Historically, the javelin was a ranged weapon for battle, and exists today for sporting purposes. You’ve undoubtedly seen the javelin in use at the Summer Olympics. Today though, Rack-A-Tiers is focusing on a different type of javelin. Since we pride ourselves on making tools for electricians, designed by electricians, we’re proud to highlight The Javelin drilling extension kit.

Electricians are one some of the few remaining Jack of all Trades. Anyone with electrical experience obviously has training in wiring and electrical circuits, but you have to know how to work with a variety of tools. On top of that, it doesn’t hurt to have a basic understand of construction and building. Why you might ask? Because at times you’re going to be drilling through walls, joists, and support beams.

Now, as you run a couple thousand feet of electrical wiring through a home or office, how are you going to keep it all straight? Aligning drill holes to run wiring through walls isn’t always quick, or easy for that matter. This is where The Javelin kit comes in handy. Let’s take a closer look at the Javelin!

Spear any Job with the Javelin

The Javelin is a brand-new product from Rack-A-Tiers that will change the way you drill holes. Why waste your time going from one stud to the next drilling holes when you can knock out 10 feet worth of space at a time? The Javelin is an all-in-one extension drill that reaches out to 10 feet. It ships with a fully adjustable hole cutter and auger bit extension kit. Each Javelin package comes with the following pieces:

  • Drill Connector
  • Hole Saw Arbor & Pilor Bit
  • ¼” Hex Arbor
  • 3/8″ – 16 Threaded Rod
  • Allen wrench

The Javelin is designed to work with your existing drill to make each job faster and more efficient. The Javelin holds driver bits, nut drivers, and drill bits, but the kit does not come with Spade, Auger, and Hole Saw bits, so keep that in mind as you’re shopping this piece. Curious how it all works?

The Javelin in Action

You can use the Javelin to extend any 3/8″ 16-threaded rod with your drill. Start by screwing on the provided jam nuts and attached the drill chuck connect to the other end, you can attach the hole saw arbor or hex arbor to the opposite end. Insert your bit into the arbor and tighten with the Allen key. The kit also includes 6″ and 1 ¼” cuts of 3/8″ 16-Threaded Rod to get you started with extension drilling. If you need more, you can buy and cut more threaded rod to fit your reach needs. Again, the Javelin can operate extended out to a maximum length of 10 feet.

Did that seem like a lot of words jammed together? Sometimes explaining connections with words doesn’t come out as smoothly as this Javelin operates. If you’d prefer, we have a handy video available to walk you through connecting the pieces of The Javelin together for use on the job.

When Your Drill Doesn’t Reach, the Javelin Does!

There aren’t too many occasions, especially in finished homes or offices, where electricians need 10 feet of drilling capability. In these instances you don’t need that capacity, but if you’re working on a new construction it would be nice to reach 10 feet. Imagine how much faster you could have the job done if you weren’t stopping after every stud? You wouldn’t have to drill one, line it up roughly with the next one, drill again, and repeat. You could simply start in one and keeping pushing through.

Quick and Effective

The Javelin makes drilling holes for wiring quick and effective. It’s that simple. Wiring through studs is never a beauty contest, but it doesn’t hurt to get straight, aligned holes while also finishing the job faster. Want to be done sooner? Get the Javelin!

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Get Fancy with Your Wiring Pulling Using the Penguin Puller

Do you know what it is that makes penguins such a big hit with people at zoos? These plucky little flightless birds live in the harshest environments in the world, and they do it in style. Just look at those “tuxedos” they wear everyday while sliding through the snow and ice! In all seriousness though, if you focus on the slide technique penguins use to get down hills and glide through icy waters, you can make a connection with the Penguin Puller from Rack-A-Tiers.

The Penguin Puller is one of the many wire pulling products we happily sell to our friends in the electrical trade. Electricians have a big job to do, keeping the lights one and the power flowing. Think about it. What frustrates most Americans more, losing Internet access or power? You can still watch TV without Internet or go outside like people used to do. When the power goes out though, nothing works!

Penguin Pullers use sleek design and fluid movement, similar to their namesake, to help electricians pull wire through conduit and wall cavities faster and easier. Forget tape and crimps. The Penguin Puller is all you need to get the job done!

Speed & Efficiency with Penguin Pullers

OK, so you won’t find any actual penguins or tuxedo designs on the Penguin Puller, but it is a fun name for a product that makes work easier. Rack-A-Tiers offers the Penguin Puller Sr. and Jr. together in one product offerings. These revolutionary tools are designed to make pulling wire and large cables easier. Each Penguin Puller, Jr. or Sr., has a sleek, bullet shape to its head that makes pulling wire seamless. You don’t have to mess with tape or crimps anymore when you have the Penguin Puller.

With four slots and an allen-key set of screws, the Sr. and Jr. are rated for up to 4,000 lbs. of pulling strength. Now, while both the Penguin Puller Sr. and Penguin Puller Jr. are rated to 4,000 lbs. maximum pull strength, they do serve different purposes on the jobsite. The Penguin Puller Sr. is ideal for 3/0 up to 350 MCM copper and aluminum wiring, and works with 2 ½” pipe or larger.

The Penguin Puller Jr. works best with 1/0 to 4/0 copper and aluminum, and is rated for 2″ pipe or larger. Here’s a few tips below on how to make wire pulling, with or without the Penguin Puller, a little easier to deal with.

3 Tips for Wire Pulling Ease

Whether you are going to get the Penguin Puller or not, it’s nice to have some tips to make the job go smoother. Pulling wire is one of the primary jobs of any electrician, so getting a basic process down for this job makes sense. Here’s 3 things to keep in mind when pulling wire, whether it’s big or small:

  • Do a Pull Evaluation & Proof the Conduit: The Penguin Puller makes pulling larger wire and cable smoother with its high maximum pound rating. This fact a side, a pull evaluation is always a good idea to ensure that you aren’t putting too much tension on the wire while pulling. Better to know in advance! Proofing the conduit just means double-checking that it is free of obstructions.
  • Clean the Entry & Exit on the Conduit: Obstructions in the conduit make it more difficult to pull and can damage conductors, but entry and exit points on the conduit are where you’re most likely to damage wire or cable because those points are the most likely to be sharp or jagged.
  • Use Lubrication: Everything moves smoother with a little bit of help. Even with the Penguin Puller, lubricating the wire can make the job that much quicker and smoother. Just make sure to use the correct type for the job as different types of wires have different types of jackets and materials. Make sure the lube you use won’t negatively impact the cable insulation or jacket materials.

Need Other Wire Pulling Products?

Rack-A-Tiers is proud to offer our friends in the electrical trade the Penguin Puller, but if there’s other wire pulling products you need, we’ve got you covered! Check out our product pages for the Flex Puller, Flex Flyer, and Fish Heads, just to name a few!

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Pull Your Weight with the Ropematic Pro

There’s nothing more offensive on the job site than being accused of not pulling your weight. The assumption when this phrase is uttered is that someone isn’t working as hard as the rest. Now, there’s nothing Rack-A-Tiers can do to help with those slow-moving or unmotivated co-workers. However, we can help you make sure no one ever thinks you aren’t doing your utmost at work each day. How can we do that you ask? The Ropematic Pro, that’s how!

The Ropematic Pro makes pulling rope and wire on the job site a breeze. You’ll get your work done faster without question. In fact, you can save an average of 30 minutes for every 75 feet of rope pulled using the Ropematic Pro and its unique latch-and-pull system. There’s no more worrying about constantly pulling rope or losing grip on the fish tape. Get the Ropematic Pro, and get your wiring jobs done faster.

Save Burn & Wasted Fish Tape with Ropematic Pro

The Ropematic Pro isn’t just a revolutionary new tool for electricians running wire and cable. It’s also a smarter way to pull. More than just a flashy tool, the Ropematic Pro saves you the repetitive stress of pulling and pulling by making the job easier. The Pro has a durable latch that immediately grabs onto guide rope or fish tape as you run wire. When you pull down, the latch securely grabs the rope or fish tape. As you move your grip back up, the latch releases its grip so you can easily slide back up the rope/tape.

When you pull down again, the Ropematic Pro latch bears down again and securely grabs the rope/tape. This means you can more quickly fish tape and rope through when running wires. The Pro has an ergonomic design that puts your hands and wrists in a more natural position while pulling down. Using both hands at the same time gives you maximum strength when pulling, without any pain.

The Ropematic Pro works with guide rope or fish tape, and allows you to pull easier, faster, and safer. As mentioned earlier, the Ropematic Pro has been shown to save 30 minutes for each 75 feet of wire or cable you are working to pull.

Avoid Repetitive Stress Injuries

If you regularly pull guide rope or fish tape by hand, you could be exposing yourself to repetitive stress injuries. WebMd notes that repetitive stress, or repetitive motion injuries, are common in the United States. The most common causes of repetitive motion injuries come from repetitive activities, such as constantly pulling guide rope and wire, as well as trauma on the job site from injuries. Repetitive motion most commonly results in the two following injuries that make daily live that much more difficult:

  • Tendinitis: tendons connect muscles to bones in your body’s joints. Tendons bear all the weight of attached muscles and suffer the wear/tear of the movements. Shoulders, biceps, and elbows are common sites of tendinitis.
  • Bursitis: a bursa is a small pouch or sac that develops over friction areas to cushion the spot tendons meet bones. These inflamed bursa sacs are painful and often result of repetitive stress in the body.

If you think running wire, fishing tape, or grabbing guide rope can’t result in repetitive stress injuries, it’s time to think again. The Ropematic Pro can save your hands and wrists from these potential injuries. The National University Hospital notes that 2 to 4 hours of repetitive motion in any given day can quickly result in repetitive stress injuries, especially in the hands and wrists.

Work Smarter, not Harder

The Ropematic Pro is available to you from Rack-A-Tiers today, because we believe in making it easier and safer for you to do your job. It’s time to start working harder and saving time, rather than working harder and risking injury in the process. Go online today and get your Ropematic Pro, and start saving time on your next wiring job!

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