This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Electrical Tools Catalog: The All-New Rack-A-Tiers Catalog

If you’re relatively new to the electrical field, or maybe you’ve been shopping with one of our competitors for a few years (don’t worry, we forgive you), you’re likely unaware of the true grace and beauty that is a Rack-A-Tiers product catalog. Far from being just a simple catalog of tool product descriptions with a pricing guide and order form, the Rack-A-Tiers catalog is what your high school teacher back in the day would have referred to as “required reading.”

For electricians at any stage of their career, the Rack-A-Tiers catalog goes beyond simple industry knowledge and product advertisement. When you’re the first one to the job on a Monday morning and you’re feeling a bit cranky because, well, it’s Monday, the Rack-A-Tiers catalog just might put a smile on your face with its artfully crafted cartoons. Yes, it really is that good! So what’s all that special about our 2016-2017 Product Catalog? Honestly, it might be easier (and faster) to tell you what isn’t!

Starts on Page One

At Rack-A-Tiers, we pride ourselves on putting a smile on your face in addition to saving you time and money on the job site. Pick up our new catalog, and right on the cover you’ll get a taste of the artwork we’re famous for. But don’t pass it by so quick! If you take a close look at our work, you’ll notice we’re using our famous cartoons to show you exactly why so many electricians rely on our products to make the job faster, easier, and safer.

From the frustrated gent trying to manage his colored wire list while installing a stove fan to his buddy living the easy life with his sticky tags in place, laddermate holding his tools, and his trusty Phase It Right color coding guide, our cartoons make you laugh and promote our products right from the get go.

What You Won’t See…

Sometimes absence adds to the value of any item. The Rack-A-Tiers catalog isn’t some electrical industry magazine peppered with ads every other page. It might be bulky at 48 pages in length, but there isn’t a hint of fluff in this catalog! Every last page has valuable information on all of our products, from pricing and uses to benefits of the product and even comparisons to similar products offered from Rack-A-Tiers.

A Product Catalog

Cartoons and entertainment aside, the Rack-A-Tiers catalog is a must-have item for any electrician. As we said above, the pages within contain valuable information on each of our products, including the popular uses, how the items can save you time and keep you safe on the job, and yes, there’s a bit of humor included in the design of each page.

Our catalog is so much more than paper bound together though, it crosses the divide into the digital world as well with the inclusion of QR codes for certain products. Whip out your smartphone and scan the QR code for a given product, and it’ll take you to a video of that tool in action. More than just reading about how those tools work and what they can do, you can see how electricians like yourself are using them to save time and stay safe.

For example, flip to page 12 of this year’s Rack-A-Tiers catalog and you can read about the easy 3-step process for using our Hoppy Bender. You’ll see three simple steps acted out for you so you can “Get Bent” in a hurry, a list of features for the Hoppy Bender, and that handy QR code so you can view the Hoppy Bender in action.

What are You Waiting For?

The 2016-2017 Rack-A-Tiers product catalog is more than just a book, it’s the ultimate resource for electricians in North America. From a good laugh and product features, to cartoon guides and online video links, you’ll never find another product catalog available in the industry that offers you everything that the Rack-A-Tiers catalog has. Don’t wait any longer, get your copy today!

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Hit Your Target and Run Line Faster with the Laserline

Give an American the time to create something clever, and odds are it will be some mechanical equipment capable of firing some sort of projectile. For a nation founded on the right to bear arms, it’s no surprise when someone uses the notion of high-powered projectiles in a more creative manner to make life easier. For electricians looking to add a little fun and relieve a little hard labor from running wires, the Laserline Kit is just the tool you need.

Inject a little fun into your day and eliminate wasted time with the Laserline Kit. Capable of firing a foam dart up to 200ft with precision, the Laserline is the ultimate tool for installing wire over T-bar ceilings and other hard-to-reach spaces.

Hit the Mark

The Laserline is a CO2 powered gun that shoots a foam dart up to 200ft with incredible accuracy. The foam dart can be attached to a guide line that you can then use as a guideline to run wires through T-bar ceiling areas, under crawl spaces, and through any other long, tight space you’d rather not spend hours running line in.

Each Laserline Kit includes a gun, 2 CO2 cartridges, 2 foam darts, and 2 spools of line that have a total of 2400 feet of line, 1200 feet to each spool. The Laserline isn’t something you’d find incredibly useful at the average home electrical job, but for those commercial electricians tired of tackling large-scale projects the hard way, the Laserline is a must-have product.

How it Works

The concept is simple really. Think about all those Hollywood feature films where a group of thieves cross the roofs of buildings by firing a guideline from one rooftop to another, and then zip-lining across. The concept is the same here, except it is used for far less nefarious purposes. Rather than waste time running line manually over each T-bar in the ceiling structure, moving your ladder after each bar and tossing line over the next, the Laserline lets you do the job in half time.

Simply line up your shot and fire the foam dart, with guideline attached, up to 200ft over the T-bars. You can then move your ladder just once over to the other side, and pull your wires through in one fell swoop from the other side. Forget constantly climbing up and down your ladder, threading wire over each individual section. Fire once, walk over and pull it through. It’s that simple!

The Laserline kit isn’t just for commercial electrical installation where T-bar ceilings are involved. Maybe you have hard-to-move objects in the way of your wires or you are dealing with a crawl space. Rather than squeeze through an uncomfortable crawl space one or more times, you can fire the Laserline dart through and simply walk to the other side to pull out your wires. Just one trip is all it takes.

Benefits of a Laserline Kit

The most obvious benefit is spelled out above; you’ll save plenty of time with the Laserline Kit. Instead of doing all that walking back and forth, moving ladders, and climbing up and down, you can do it all in one trip instead. You’ll get wires run faster and save time on the overall install projects.

More importantly though, you’ll be safer on the job site with this Laserline Kit. Because you don’t have to climb up and down ladders multiple times and reach to run line over T-bar sections of ceiling, you won’t be exposed to nearly the same slip and fall risk. The same can be said of squeezing into crawl spaces, where any number of issues could threaten your health.

Buy Your Laserline Kit Now

Quit spending the whole day running lines, and stop running up and down ladders. Get your Laserline Kit today from Rack-a-Tiers and shorten the length of any install job. If you’ve already got your Laserline and need more supplies, replacement line and darts are also available for purchase!

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Make 1,000 Bends Effortlessly with the Hoppy Bender

Although residential electrical wiring rarely requires extensive conduit work and piping, commercial electricians are often dealing with much larger installation projects than the average home. Conduit piping has to be installed in a centralized location, such as a boiler room for example, and fed throughout an entire complex.

As if running all that wire wasn’t enough work for such a project, there’s the potential time-killing task of bending and installing all the conduit piping for the electrical connections. Now, you have a few choices when it comes to bending. You can use inferior tools and have to reset your bends every time, or you can use the Hoppy Bender and drastically reduce your bend and install time. Don’t believe us? Just check out the work of electrician Brett Utterback!

A True Work of Art

One look at Utterback’s photos of a commercial install job, and two things come to mind. For the art lover in all of us (or at least the person who appreciates cleanliness and organization), Utterback’s conduit piping is a master work of art. What could have been a jumbled mess of wires and conduit was instead weaved into an intricate ballet of piping that runs efficiently where it needs to go, without devolving into a tangled web that no one would be able to solve in the future should repairs or rewiring occur.

The other is the mind-blowing realization that Utterback had a lot of work on his hands bending all of that pipe. How did he manage to not only bend that much pipe in a short amount of time, but make such precise and repeated bends? If you’ve used Rack-a-Tiers products before, you probably can guess that the answer is he used the Hoppy Bender from Rack-a-Tiers!

The Hoppy Bender

The Hoppy Bender is a conduit pipe bending tool that truly revolutionizes the manner in which, and efficiency with which, electricians can bend pipe during installation jobs. One look at the Hoppy Bender, and you might not be overwhelmed by the complexity of design. After all, it is a pretty simple looking tool.

However, this is a case where looks are deceiving. The Hoppy Bender is remarkably simplistic, but that’s only because it can make your most complex install job a snap. The Hoppy Bender has a “stop” attached on the bender head that creates an exact and repeatable bend every time you use it.

There are also simplified “multipliers” engraved into the bender where you can place the “stop” prior to making any offsets and four-point saddles. There are even special 22.5 and 45-degree angle marks engraved on the bender for conduit bend marking, and standard degree marks for stop placement. These are used together for bending three-point saddles without having to reverse the conduit in the shoe.

Hoppy Bender is an ideal choice for electricians that don’t have years of experience bending conduit piping, because it comes with a reference chart on the handle so you can easily locate bend marks and make any bends you need. From 3- and 4-point saddles to offsets and 90-degree bends, the Hoppy Bender allows you to make the same bend, over and over, without resetting or starting from scratch.

Utterback’s Use of the Hoppy Bender

Go back to the photos from Utterback’s conduit installation, and you’ll see just how valuable the Hoppy Bender can be for pipe bending. If you look closely, you’ll notice an array of 90-degree bends and 45-degree bends, all in the same pipe, and repeated in clusters of four to six pipes. A job like this, completed without a Hoppy Bender, would be time-consuming to put it simply. Bluntly put, this job might be soul-sucking without a reliable bending tool.

What makes the Hoppy Bender ideal for Utterback’s project, or any other, is the ability to repeatedly and efficiently bend pipes to the same degree, and do it faster than any other tool. Send the bends you need, and you can accurately recreate that bend in other pipes in a flash. It’s literally possible to make 1,000 bends faster with the Hoppy Bender than any other product.

Utterback’s photos prove it, and you can speed up your own projects. All you need is the Hoppy Bender in your toolkit!

Hoppy Bender Videos

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