Clean Up Your Van with Van Magnets from Rack-A-Tiers

Anyone who drives around a lot, whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, can admit that their vehicle gets dirty from time to time. Electricians and handymen would be the first to admit it’s easy for their van or utility truck to become cluttered with stuff. Everything from tools and wire to heavy equipment and tool belts has to fit neatly in one place. As you travel from one jobsite to the next, you might find the Rack-A-Tiers van magnets helpful.

From long-nose pliers, nut drivers, and voltage meters to electrical tape and channel locks, electricians carry around a lot of stuff. That’s why Rack-A-Tiers came up with van magnets to help you keep it all organized.

30 Items

The average electrician carries around 30 items from one job to the next. This doesn’t mean you’ll use, or even need, all 30 tools/pieces of equipment at each job. However, it does mean that electricians like to come prepared for whatever the job might require. The number 30 represents the average number of tools most electricians take in to a job. That doesn’t even count the stuff still in the van.

With so many tools and pieces of equipment to transport, keeping it all organized can make a big difference in your day. Not only will your van look more tidy and professional, but you’ll find it easier to locate the items you need quickly.

Sturdy Van Magnets

Our van magnets are simple tools to help you better organize your work vehicle. The magnets are all available for individual purchase, and come in three different weight ratings to suite all your needs. Those weight ratings include 10 lbs, 25 lbs, and 50 lbs. This means there’s a magnet for all of the equipment in your vehicle! Buy just one to hang your tool bag or belt. Grab just a handful to organize your tools, or go crazy and fill the back of your vehicle with van magnets of varying sizes. There’s no wrong solution!

Each van magnet has a strong magnet inside a metal housing, with a sturdy metal eyelet designed to help carry the weight burden of your tools, wire, and other equipment. With each individual van magnet you purchase you’ll receive a carabiner to easily clip items on and off the eyelets for quick access.

Why Stop There?

Rack-A-Tiers van magnets are designed for one simple function: organization. A well-organized van makes your job easier, and allows you to move from one job to the next with less hassle. If you think our van magnets are a good idea, why stop there? Rack-A-Tiers wants to make the job a little easier for all electricians, which is why we offer other organizational tools to complement the van magnets. Keep your van or truck clean with our Rack-A-Tiers wire dispenser or the Rack-N-Go.

At the end of the day, it’s all about making life easier. You can just toss your tools in the back of the van when you’re done at each jobsite, or you can use Rack-A-Tiers van magnets to give each tool a proper home.

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Get it All Done at Once with the Plug Master

Anyone that works in the construction, HVAC, plumbing, or electrical field can tell you that the job requires a lot of different tools. While there’s a valid argument that each tool has a purpose and serves its role, there’s no saying it wouldn’t be nice to lighten the load a bit from time to time by taking advantage of multipurpose tools when available. Well, for the electricians out there the Plug Master is the tool you need.

With a Plug Master in your toolbox, you won’t eliminate the all-around need for certain other tools, but you can certainly lighten the load on each project and streamline your work process by eliminating the immediate need for various items in your hands or on your tool belt. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the Plug Master for yourself.

Meet the Plug Master

As promised, the Plug Master is a multipurpose tool that very well could be every electrician’s dream. In one tool you get a fully functional dual-outlet circuit tester, that includes 220V detection, and a multiple direction bubble level that helps you determine the level standing of the outlet box. You can use your Plug Master to:

  • Level outlets both horizontally and vertically
  • Run diagnostics on the outlet
  • Perform quick wiring checks

The Plug Master has LED indicators that let you know the conditions of the outlet and the wiring connecting it to the primary panel box in the home or worksite. There are removable side panels that cover the outlet during insertion for safe and easy testing.

Save Time on the Job

Given the thousands of feet of wiring in the average home, do you really want to try and unweave the tangled web of connections to find out what’s wrong with one little outlet? Whether it’s a residential, commercial, or industrial setting, the Plug Master can help you quickly identify a number of issues.

Rather than waste time trying to figure out what’s going on behind the wall, all you have to do is insert the Plug Master into the outlet and let it diagnose the problem for you. More and more homeowners enjoy taking a DIY approach to home upgrades, and even though they may have successfully wired a new GFC outlet in the bathroom, it could fail to work at all times. At this point they’ve given up and called in the pros.

You can make diagnosing the problem look easy. From incorrectly wired outlets to poor voltage and too heavy a load, the Plug Master can help you pinpoint the problem without even removing the faceplate on the outlet. Removing the faceplate to all the outlets in a home or office to perform visual inspections is a pain, not to mention a waste of time. So don’t bother doing it! Just keep the Plug Master in your toolbox and you’re ready to go.

Level Outlets in a Breeze

Additionally, you can use the Plug Master to square up the outlets on a job site. Once the Plug Master is inserted, you can use both its horizontal and vertical bubble levels to get the outlet square in a flash. Again, more time saved for you!

Get Your Plug Master

At the end of the day, you can do the job without the Plug Master. However, you can’t do the job as quickly or easily with your other tools. There will always be a place in your toolbox and on your belt for the old tape measure and level. However, if you have a Plug Master with you on your next job, you can leave those guys in the box and get it all done faster by simply inserting the Plug Master and letting it guide you through the work.

Most importantly though, the Plug Master keeps you safe on the job site. Don’t fret and fuss with wires when there’s an issue. Get the multifunction, professional-grade electrical tool you deserve!

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Get Those Mitts Clean Quickly and Safely

Those of who work for a living know the value of dirty hands at the end of a long day. When you look down and see mud, dirt, grease, and other debris on your hands and under your fingernails, you know you’ve put in an honest day’s work keeping the world running. You won’t get dirty fingers at a keyboard all day, and computers don’t require rough-and-tumble hands to keep them operating.

But homes, office complexes, and other structures would be cold and wet without electricians, plumbers, and HVAC specialists getting their hands dirty each day. Just because your hands get dirty during the day doesn’t mean you don’t have big plans at night though, and that’s where Timber Wolf Hand Cleaner comes in handy.

Seriously, Hand Cleaner?

Yes! At Rack-A-Tiers we typically promote the products you use on the job each day, from levels and stud finders to wire spools and wire runners. As frequently as you use all of these products, you are bound to be in need of a good hand cleaner. Let’s be honest, you never know what you’re going to touch or use next when you’re done with the work day.

Wouldn’t it be nice to come home to the family and be able to wrestle with the kids right away? Children aren’t patient, and they’d rather just get to the business of goofing around. Maybe you have dinner plans with that special someone, your in-laws, or your best friends. If you want to go from the jobsite to dinner in the fastest possible manner, Timber Wolf Hand Cleaner ensures you’re ready to hug, shake hands, and greet everyone.

We all know that no two jobsites are the same either. Sure, residential jobs provide access to the homeowner’s bathrooms to clean your hands when and if need be. But what about active jobsites with no plumbing and just a portable bathroom? Wouldn’t you rather know your hands are clean after using one of those?

Clean Your Paws with Timber Wolf Hand Cleaner

Our Timber Wolf Hand Cleaner is excellent for those tough cleaning jobs, and you won’t need a drop of water. Not only does the Rack-A-Tiers hand cleaner work without access to water, but there are no petroleum solvents included in its makeup, which makes it a biodegradable hand cleaner that is easy on your hands and safe for the environment too.

Before you laugh this off, think about the benefits of this product first. This hand cleaner isn’t just ideal for jobsites with no running water or modern bathroom amenities. Timber Wolf is great for outdoor work because it also acts as a mosquito repellant, which can make those summer-time jobs outdoors much easier to deal with. It won’t cool you off, but if it prevents the bugs from eating you alive, isn’t it worth keeping in the truck or toolbox?

Best of all, if the bugs have already gotten to you on that outdoor job, or worse you found the local poison ivy patch, you’re in luck. Timber Wolf Hand Cleaner can prevent and relive not just bug bites, but also help ease the itch of poison ivy.

Biodegradable Matters

What really sets Timber Wolf Hand Cleaner apart isn’t the wide range of uses, though that’s a valuable benefit it and of itself. The true positive in using this hand cleaner is the fact that it is biodegradable. First of all, most other waterless hand cleaners have harsh alcohol contents and petroleum solvents, which can really dry out your hands (making matters worse for those working hands) and even pose a risk to your health.

More importantly, biodegradable hand cleaners help save money and water by allowing you to clean your hands without using water, and preventing hazardous chemicals in other cleaners from getting into local water supplies.

We know, it’s just a hand cleaner. But you are going to have to clean those mitts at some point during the work day, so why not do it the environmentally responsible way? Get yourself a bottle of Timber Wolf Hand Cleaner today and you’ll never have to worry about finding the nearest sink again.

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